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A loan or credit is a frequent element of everyday life. Every person needs more cash from time to time. Sometimes money is needed for renovation, vacation, improvement of health or a sudden, unforeseen expense. It is not always possible to apply for a bank loan, the bank often requires a lot of formalities, and we do not always have adequate creditworthiness. Banks require certificates in the form of an account statement, a certificate of earnings from work, a mortgage or a good credit history. People who do not meet the requirements of banking institutions are helped by non-banking companies that offer various types of loans. The advantage of using such companies is that you can get a loan without a good credit history and without a fixed income. One of the loan forms offered by lenders is a car title loan.

What is a car title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA?

A car title loan is based on the fact that a loan company lends a specific amount of money to the person concerned, on the terms specified in the contract. In the event that the borrower does not repay the loan within the agreed time, the vehicle becomes the property of the loan company.

The amount he can get is usually up to 60-80% of the value of the car. There are also companies in Candler-McAfee, GA that are able to borrow up to $50,000.

A loan against a vehicle, car or motorcycle usually has a high interest rate, so before choosing this option, it is worth checking other options and asking what the car or motorcycle loan looks like in various loan companies. This is very important because the offers can differ significantly from each other. If the car is fairly new, several years old and has a high market value, you can get a very high loan amount, up to several tens of thousands.

How to Qualify?

The condition for receiving this type of loan in Candler-McAfee, GA is having your own car, motorcycle or other vehicle. Often, loan companies grant loans on the spot, without certificates, liens and unnecessary formalities. However, if a larger amount of money is needed, companies must somehow protect themselves and offer a loan against the car. A pledge, by definition, is a limited property right that becomes a form of security for a debt. In this case, the law is established between the loan company and the car owner.

Pros and Cons of Title Loans in Candler-McAfee

A person applying for a loan in Candler-McAfee, GA does not need to have a permanent income, which is required in banks. Loan companies also do not check the credit history, it is also not an obstacle to have a bailiff. The necessary amount is obtained quickly, all formalities can be completed in a few days, much faster than in banks. It takes the longest time to settle all matters related to overdriving the car, it requires a personal visit to the communication department at least twice.

The only disadvantage of a vehicle loan is the loss of the car when it is not possible to pay back the borrowed money. Of course, when you have problems with your loan repayment, you should contact the company and try to find a common solution. Companies in Candler-McAfee, GA with a long tradition may go hand in hand and try to find a different, mutually beneficial solution. It happens, however, that even a several-day delay in repayment may end up with the withdrawal of the rights to the vehicle. During the term of the loan, the borrower can fully use the car. There is no need to pledge the car, so it does not become useless until the repayment period is over, which sometimes lasts several years. Car title loans in Candler-McAfee, GA can be successfully taken by taxi drivers or people whose car is used for work.

Car title loan laws in Candler-McAfee, Georgia

If you decide to take a title loan in Georgia, you must consider several conditions. Firstly, at the legislative level, the loan term of a title loan can be no more than 30 days. The huge advantage of a title loan is that you can borrow from $100 to $50,000. If you do not repay the loan on time, then additional fees will be charged according to the rule: 25% a month for the first three months, 12.5% after that plus lien fee. Thus it can be concluded that title loans in Georgia are considered short-term.

How to apply for a car title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA?

  1. The first action that must be taken when deciding on a car title loan is choosing the right company. On the Georgia market, you can find several different non-bank institutions that provide car title loans. All formalities are similar to any other loan, only the vehicle documents are added.
  2. The application can be completed directly at the company’s office, or you can use the online form, which is available on the website of most lenders. In the form, you need to provide your details and car details. The year of the car, its model and registration number are necessary. You also need the mileage of the car and the date of first registration.
  3. The application is processed quickly, usually within 24 hours. Most often, on the same day, the person interested in the loan is informed about the positive or negative consideration of the application.
  4. If there are no problems and the application is approved, the borrower receives a contract that he must sign. The loan company in Candler-McAfee, GA will prepare documents in which it will be added as the co-owner of the vehicle. These data will be included in the registration certificate and the vehicle card.
  5. In order to receive the money, the borrower must go to the communication office appropriate to the place of residence and submit an application for adding a loan company as a co-owner of the vehicle.

How Fast Can I Get a Title Loan in Candler-McAfee, GA?

The application must be submitted within 7 days of signing the loan agreement. When the company is added as co-owner, it becomes 51% of the car owner. The document states that after paying off the loan, the entire right to the car is transferred to the borrower. In order for the loan company to withdraw money, you must deliver it in person or send a scanned car registration certificate, photos of the car with the engine and registration sticker. If all the documents are correct, the company will immediately transfer the money to the customer’s account. It is also possible to transfer the money in person, by a company representative who will take the borrowed cash to the customer’s home. Getting a car title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA is much easier than getting a large loan unsecured.

Conditions for receiving a car title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA

The main and basic condition for receiving a loan in Candler-McAfee, GA is having your own car. The car cannot be old, it must present the appropriate value. It is worth remembering that not every car or motorcycle can be a security for the lender. To receive a loan, you must meet several requirements, i.e.:

  • The car must have one owner, it must be the person applying for the loan.
  • The car must have a valid insurance.
  • The car must be in good condition, it should not be older than 12 years, but each model is considered individually.
  • The car may not be the subject of any other pledge or security.
  • The person submitting the application must have a valid ID card.
  • It is often required that the person submitting the application has a bank account and an e-mail address.
  • The person applying for money must be at least 18 years old.

Loan repayment – what next?

You can get a title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA quickly, but you always have to remember that each loan requires regular repayment. The borrower has a time specified in the contract to repay the loan. If he complies with the contract, the loan company loses the right to the car. The loan company is obliged to provide the customer with a declaration of loss of the right to the vehicle. The borrower with the document received must again go to the appropriate communication department and report the loan repayment. At this point, full ownership of the vehicle will be transferred back to its original owner. The situation is quite different when the borrower does not fulfill the contract and does not repay the amount borrowed. In this case, full ownership is transferred to the loan company, which becomes the legal owner of the vehicle under the contract. If the loan has been repaid as planned, the borrower can successfully apply for a new loan.

Candler-McAfee, GA Car Title Loan Alternatives

If you don’t own a vehicle or try to avoid secured loans, you may want to consider alternative sources of financing. The most popular ones are:


A car title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA is an option that is worth considering. Of course, in the foreground, it is worth taking an interest in the banks’ offer, because they offer more favorable interest rates and repayment periods. However, if the bank refuses to grant a loan, you can consider taking out a car title loan. However, if there are any omissions that the repayment of the debt may fail, it is worth thinking about a different form of loan. In the event of non-payment, the borrower will lose the car, which will be put up by the company for sale. If the car is sold for a lower amount than the debt incurred, the borrower will have to pay the missing amount. A car title loan in Candler-McAfee, GA is much safer than a loan against an apartment, because even in the absence of repayment, it does not risk losing the apartment. A loan against the vehicle is worth taking when you need a large amount of money and we are sure that we will be able to pay off the selected amount. Car title loans in Candler-McAfee, GA are a fairly new solution, they are very popular. The money received can be used for any purpose, there is no need to document the expenses in any way. Bank loans almost always require documenting the use of money for the intended purpose. A car title loan, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on it, it is worth considering the pros and cons and make the right decision. It is worth reading information about companies that provide this type of loan, find out what opinions they have, what people who have used this form of borrowing money say. It is worth choosing a company that has been on the market of Candler-McAfee, GA for some time and guarantees safe cooperation.

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